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    MyFollowUpPlan is the trusts chosen name for the implementation and expansion of PIFU (Patient initiated follow-up) and PSFU (Personalised Stratified Follow-Up). The project aims to improve outpatient capacity, enhance patient experience and create more standardised follow-up pathways while also taking a personalised approach to patient care.
    PIFU pathway is to be rebranded as “AttendOnSymptoms” and PSFU pathway to be rebranded “AttendForSurveillance”.
    These documents are aimed at adjuvant breast cancer patients on an AttendForSurveillance pathway. They have completed their primary cancer treatment and will receive abemaciclib for two years whilst being monitored remotely once treatment has been established.
    Patients will receive the attached documents via the CCC Patient Portal which sends a message containing the documents direct to their phone. For patients who are not digitally enabled, they will receive paper copies of all relevant documents and complete health assessments (MyClatterbridgeCareChecks) over the phone.



    Page 3 – there needs to be a line space before the sentence ‘Under the MYFollowUPPlan Service there are two patient pathways:

    Page 4 – under ‘A Personalised Plan’ the word require is in a different format to the rest of the document. In the ‘What happens at the end of my Attend for Surveillance pathway there needs to be a space after the hyphen on the first line.

    Page 6 – in the second line you need to remove the hyphen before the word It’s.

    Page 8 – change the time to 9am to 5pm as not everyone uses the 24hr clock. Take out the hyphens in the sentence ‘Messages sent at the weekend’ as they are not needed.

    The spacing between paragraphs needs looking at as there are a few that do not have a line space between them.


    Thank you Debra

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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