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    I would be grateful if you could please review the attached document designed by the Lead Cancer Nurse at East Cheshire Hospital Trust and provide feedback by Friday 2nd February 2024.

    Background of the project: This came from an action following the national cancer patient experience survey, although we have leaflets in packets, we are not sure all patients are getting up front information about free prescriptions, access to financial help etc . I think it is known we give lots of information to patients following a cancer diagnosis which suits some but is a lot for some. We wanted to print this as an A5 leaflet and put it at the front of information packs as a quick reference as to what is available. We also wanted to use it to advertise our cancer information service as it is a little distance from our outpatient department.



    I have taken a look at the leaflet and think that there is some clear and informative information on there. The leaflet looks like it would be very helpful to anyone on a cancer journey. The only thing that I would suggest would be to change the colours on the last three bubbles so that they are not so similar.


    Thank you for your comments.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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