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    As per 1st focus group held on 6th September, please comment/provide feedback/make suggestions on how we best approach patients and ask them about their Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA)


    When approaching a client in regards to their holistic needs assessment it might be worthwhile explaining that holistic means that rather than just treating the symptoms of an illness we are treating the whole person which includes taking into account social and mental health factors as some people may not have heard of holistic needs.

    A leaflet/handout may be a good idea to help explain this approach. This can be attached to an email with the survey when it is sent out.

    As with all of the themes in this survey it is important that we take into account the different ways that people will react to and deal with their cancer journey. Allowing patients enough time to think about the questions and formulate a reply is important. Also, allowing patients enough space to answer in the way that they want to and not just restiricting them to a set number of characters as this may restrict their answers.


    Possible questions:

    Have you had a Holistic Needs Assessment?

    Did you find the Holistic Needs Assessment helpful?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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