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Levels of practice -Advanced

Advanced Level:

  • This level involves professionals who have pursued further education, training and often certification. Advanced practitioners have expanded scope of practice, allowing them to take on more complex clinical tasks.

Practitioners at this level not only combine advanced clinical skills but also intertwine research, education, and clinical leadership seamlessly within their scope of practice. Their characteristics include:

Holistic Expertise:

  • Merging advanced clinical skills with research, education, and clinical leadership.


Critical Awareness:

  • Possessing a critical awareness of knowledge issues within the field and at the interface between different fields.


Innovation and Responsibility:

  • Being innovative and shouldering responsibility for developing and changing practice and/or services in a complex and unpredictable environment.


Demonstrated Expertise:

  • Demonstrating expertise within their defined scope of practice.


Independent Clinical Management:

  • Managing clinical care independently at the highest level, overseeing the entire process from an individual’s presentation to the conclusion of the episode. This may include admission, referral, discharge, or care at home.


Collaboration Across Boundaries:

  • Collaborating as an integral part of the broader health and social care team and transcending traditional professional boundaries.


Regional Leadership:

  • Working across the service, network, and/or regionally, leading and influencing practice development and service improvements.


Adherence to National Standards:

  • Satisfying all the requirements of their nation to be recognized as an Advanced Practitioner.

This level not only represents a culmination of advanced skills but also a commitment to holistic, innovative, and impactful practice within the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Examples of job roles at advanced level:

Registered nurse (all fields), Registered AHP, Registered Pharmacist practising as:

An Advanced Practitioner (AP)

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