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Levels of practice -Consultant

Consultant Level:

  • This is the highest level of practice and often involves professionals who have achieved a significant level of expertise in their speciality. Consultants are recognised leaders in their field and may be involved in teaching, research, and leading clinical teams.


Cutting-Edge Specialized Knowledge:

  • Requiring highly specialized knowledge, some at the forefront of their field, serving as the bedrock for original thinking and/or research.


Leadership and Analytical Prowess:

  • Being leaders with substantial responsibility, equipped with the ability to research and analyze intricate processes.


Driving Service Improvement and Innovation:

  • Holding responsibility for service improvement, development, and innovation.


Pioneering Research and Knowledge Generation:

  • Generating new knowledge about the best treatment and care by actively seeking and implementing evidence to enhance health and care outcomes.


Strategic Leadership and Change Management:

  • Applying expert knowledge and leading strategic change across entire systems through ongoing clinical development and research.


Leading at the ‘Leading Edge’:

  •  Operating at the ‘leading edge’ of their profession, developing and consolidating clinical expertise through interdisciplinary research and clinical leadership.


Knowledge Transfer and Mobilization:

  • Leading the transfer and mobilization of new knowledge, utilizing implementation science methods to address high-priority questions related to service delivery.


Transformational Leadership in Patient Care:

  • Transforming the way care is developed and delivered, leading partnerships with patients, the public, clinical academic experts, and other stakeholders to make improvements locally, nationally, and internationally.


Diverse Responsibilities:

  • May encompass considerable clinical and/or management responsibilities, accountability for service delivery, or a leading role in education or commissioning.


Nationwide Recognition:

  • Satisfying all the requirements of their nation to be recognized as a consultant practitioner.


At this level, practitioners not only represent the pinnacle of clinical expertise but also epitomize leadership, innovation, and a commitment to shaping the future of healthcare on a broad scale.

Examples of job roles at consultant level:

Registered Nurse (all fields), Registered AHP, Registered Pharmacist Practising as: A Consultant Practitioner

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