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Levels of practice -Registration

Registration Level:

  • This is when healthcare professionals have completed their education and training that is accredited by a recognised body, they are qualified and licensed to practice within the scope of their specific profession.


Education and Accreditation:

  • Healthcare professionals gain qualifications and licenses after completing accredited education and training recognized by respected bodies.


Skilled Practitioners:

  • Possess a wealth of comprehensive, specialized knowledge—both factual and theoretical—with a keen awareness of boundaries within their expertise.


Problem-Solving and Contribution:

  • Creatively leverage knowledge to solve problems, make analytical judgments, and actively contribute to both service and self-development.


Role in Care Provision:

  • Lead, coordinate, and evaluate evidence-based, personalized, and compassionate care.


Accountability and Autonomy:

  • Assume accountability for actions and delegations, demonstrating the ability to work autonomously or as equal partners with diverse professionals.


Management of Complex Care Needs:

  • Expertise extends to providing care for individuals with complex mental, physical, cognitive, and behavioral needs, as well as those at the end of life.


Health Promotion and Prevention:

  • Make significant contributions to promoting health, protecting well-being, and preventing illness. Empower people to make choices and manage their own care whenever possible.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Take charge of supervising students, staff, or training initiatives, underscoring their comprehensive role in the healthcare landscape.

Examples of job roles at registration level:

Registered nurse (all fields),

Registered AHP, Registered Pharmacist.

At point of registration and during preceptorship

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