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PCCP Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Sharon Rowe

Workforce Transformation and Education Lead 

Sharon Rowe has worked with the supportive and assistive workforce since 2015. Following an early career in nursing she then chose to continue her education in clinical genetics becoming a Consultant Genetic Counsellor specialising in Cancer Genetics. Choosing to return after retirement and pursue a different direction in cancer care she created the first educational programme for Cancer Support Workers supported by Macmillan. Since joining the Cancer Alliance in 2017 she has continued to champion the roles of the non-clinical workforce and used her passion for education to create occupationally relevant educational programmes for the supportive and assistive workforce. Sharon has contributed to the development of the core cancer capabilities in Practice and Education Framework as part of the ACCEND programme and is excited to be leading on the Principles of Cancer Care Programme which she created in collaboration with Cancer Support Workers, Cancer Navigators and Cancer Care Coordinators. 

Joanne Kinsey

Lead Cancer Nurse and PCCP Facilitator

Hi, My name is Joanne Kinsey and I am one of the clinical facilitators for The Principles of Cancer Care Programme (PCCP). I have been a nurse for 23 years and in 2006 I began my career in cancer, specialising in Oesophagogastric cancer. Along with supporting the development of the PCCP programme I am also a Lead Cancer Nurse at Liverpool Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust where I have a specific interest in cancer workforce and education. I am passionate about my role and the importance of personalised care for all patients experiencing a cancer diagnosis.

vickie stirling
Vickie Stirling

Workforce Transformation Facilitator

Hi, my name is Vickie Stirling and I am the administrator and programme support for the Principles of Cancer Care Programme and one of the supporting facilitators. I have a long career in the NHS in learning, development and education spanning 17 years. I am a qualified coach and trainer with a wealth of experience in supporting staff as well as being qualified as a Core Strengths facilitator and a Healthcare Leadership 360 feedback facilitator. During the 2 years that I have worked for Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance I have also provided project support for several projects across the alliance related with Endoscopy as well as been the project manager for the MDTC eLearning project.

lucie conway
Lucie Conway

Senior Project Officer

Hi, My name is Lucie Conway and I am Project Support Lead for the Principles of Cancer Care (PCCP) helping to oversee the successful delivery of this national programme. As part of my role, I link with ACCEND (Aspirant Cancer Career and Education Development Programme) to report on the PCCP in accordance with their governance requirements.

Prior to joining the PCCP Team, I provided project support to the Cancer Supportive and Assistive Workstream as part of the ACCEND Programme and was heavily involved with the development of the recently launched ACCEND Learning Hub. I have also supported other Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance Projects associated with Endoscopy.  

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