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Genomics- Meet the team

Meet the team

Anna Whaite

AHCS Registered Genetic Counsellor

Hello, I am Anna Whaite, an AHCS registered Genetic Counsellor in the NHS with a special interest in Cancer Genetics, acting as the local lead genetic counsellor for inherited breast cancer at the Liverpool Centre for Genomic Medicine (Cheshire and Merseyside).  Thank you for accessing this training.  In the ever-expanding field of Genomic Medicine we recognise that a shift towards more mainstream genomic testing is inevitable.  Offering testing for inherited breast cancer predispositions to eligible patients at the earliest point in their cancer diagnosis via a clinical team they already know has many benefits.  This resource aims to make the process as smooth as possible, giving you the tools and guidance to offer genomic testing to your patients where suitable.

Claire Brooks

Registered Principal Genetic Counsellor

I’m Claire Brooks, a nurse and health visitor by background, now a AHCS Registered Principal Genetic Counsellor and the lead Cancer Genetic Counsellor at Liverpool Centre for Genomic Medicine. I hope you enjoy this training and that it helps support the move for inherited breast cancer genetic testing, in eligible patients, to be undertaken earlier in their care pathway, by the clinicians who they know. This training package has been developed with an aim to provide skills, tools and knowledge to facilitate this transition and ultimately improve the experience and care of patients. 

Dr Rachel Hart

Consultant in Clinical Genetics

I’m Dr Rachel Hart. I’m a consultant in clinical genetics and cancer lead at Liverpool centre for genomic medicine. I believe supporting access to genomic testing as early in a patient pathway as possible is increasingly important. To achieve this more healthcare professionals need to be enabled to offer this.  In developing a mainstream genetic service, we can benefit patients, develop collaborations with our non-genetics colleagues and improve the service overall.

Dr Jo Cliff

Medical Oncology Consultant

I’m Dr Jo Cliff, I’m a Medical Oncology Consultant specialising in breast cancer at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre where we have worked closely with the regional Cancer Genomic Medicine team to develop Mainstreaming of germline breast cancer genomic susceptibility testing into breast oncology clinics across the region we serve. The aim is to provide seamless and swift access to genomic screening to support decision making in breast cancer management pathways in a timely manner for our patients, in the knowledge that the expertise from the Genomic Medicine team is on hand for those with a proven pathogenic variant or those with more complex  histories.

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